Below is a list of upcoming events here at Hillcrest. If there are any events you do NOT want your child to attend please return the completed form to the guidance department.


Bullying/Harassment Prevention                                   

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems. Although bullying and harassment sometimes overlap, not all bullying is harassment and not all harassment is bullying. Under federal civil rights laws, harassment is unwelcome conduct based on a protected class (race, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, religion) that is severe, pervasive, or persistent and creates a hostile environment.


For more information on these topics, please log on to:

Facilitator:  Gene Hobbs, Jr., Sumter County Sheriff’s Department

When: October 11, 2018

Location: Gymnasium

Time: 9:30am


Operation Get Smart Program

Operation Get Smart (OGS) is a crime prevention/public awareness program sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Corrections. It was implemented in 1976 and for more than past 38 years OGS has been a model program used by other states interested in implementing effective crime prevention programs. The program is aimed primarily at youth in an effort to deter them from making poor decisions resulting in criminal behavior and prison sentences.


For more information about the program, please log on to:

Operation Get Smart Program

When: November 29,2018

Location: Gymnasium

Time: 9:15 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

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