Hillcrest Middle School – 2016-2017

                Box Tops for Education™ Program



 OK Wildcats!!  It’s that time for our FIRST Box Tops for Education Contest!!


…..It’s our Summer Savings Contest and Mrs. B hopes you have been saving all summer!!

** Information sheets went out to Staff and Families week of 9/6/16! **


This year Students, you’re turning them in to your 1st period Teachers!!  …

and Teachers… Please ask for Box Tops during your 1st period classes,.. Social Studies Dept.,

feel free to ask for Box Tops during your 2nd period, even though the baggies will have the 1st period

teacher’s names on them, that’s just to find them if needed.


***But wait, we’re doing something NEW this year and it’s going to be great for EVERYONE!! Administrators you’re not excluded this year, anyone can WIN!  Just put your name on the snack baggie  

(or a piece a paper inside) and your position, such as ISS, Guidance or Art and put them in the 8th grade box,

because we want everyone collecting Box Tops this year and you will get rewarded with prizes!

That means competition for everyone, but everyone’s collecting Box Tops!


Did I say WIN????!!!!  WE are doing a contest EVERY SINGLE MONTH this year!!


But because we’re doing this, you MUST submit at least 25 Box Tops

(which include Bonus Box Tops) for each contest, to qualify to win a prize!



We ARE going to make our goal of $1,500 and we’re going to beat it!!


We’re Wildcats and we’ve gone undefeated before, let’s do it with Box Tops and I’ll come to the school every month and give out prizes at the end of 6th period before busses to give the prizes!!


Just Remember,.. you HAVE to label your baggies with your Full name, Grade & 1st period Teacher’s Name  or you won’t get credit!!


We’ve got great prizes this year … you’ll have to wait to see, but many of you know Ms. B, she’ll find all kinds of fun things to give away and she always surprises you with gift cards here & there!


Prizes will be for: 

  • the Top Student who submits the most
  • the Top Teacher or Administrator who submits the most


  • 1 Randomly drawn winning Student and Teacher or Administrator


That’s 4 Winners EVERY MONTH who will win prizes EVERY CONTEST!!


So let’s get them cut off everything in your cupboards, fridge, around the house, look everywhere!

Then put them in baggies, label them with your information (and use THaT sharpie marker so it doesn’t rub off!)

and bring them to school for every contest!!  Submit, submit, submit!!

Let’s get a good start on our 2016-2017 year goal of $1,500 and bring in those Box Tops!! 


Mrs. B. says Thank you to everyone who participates!!

See you at the football & volleyball games!!   Go Wildcats!!


Jennifer L. Barger (aka Mrs. B!)

Coordinator, Box Tops for Education (BTFE)

Hillcrest Middle School

C – (803) 464-1318   H – (803) 512-0050


For Donations/Sponsorships, please contact me at any time!

Visit Box Tops for Education’s website at: www.BTFE.com for more info.