Hillcrest Middle School is now following the District’s Student Dress Code Policy-JICA 



Code JICA Issued 4/20

Purpose: To establish the basic structure for determining appropriate dress standards for students.

Students will dress and groom in a clean and neat manner which does not distract or interfere with the operation of the school.

Student attire should not be destructive to school property or be immodest or revealing and should comply with requirements for health and safety. Clothing that will cause or is likely to cause disruption of the learning process of others may not be worn.

The following are not to be worn by students:

  • hats, bandannas, scarves, gloves, shower caps, hair combs, picks, curlers or hairnets and sweatbands, or any other unauthorized head covering
  • sunglasses or goggles (inside building), except prescription sunglasses upon medical orders
  • cut-off clothing unless it is cuffed or hemmed
  • gang-related paraphernalia/colors, jewelry, or insignia
  • gym shorts, sheer shirts or blouses, tank tops, halters, cut or torn clothing, strapless tops, t-strap tops, tops which show the abdomen, midriff area; see-through garments or underwear worn as outer clothing (proper undergarments will be worn at all times)
  • footies, pajamas, house shoes, shower shoes, or bedroom slippers (students must wear appropriate footwear at all times; shoes will be worn for safety and health reasons; no person should be barefoot at school
  • lycra or spandex clothing or any excessively tight clothing (leggings may be worn under shorts or dresses provided that the shorts or dresses meet the length standards)
  • any clothing or accessories with profanity or distasteful depictions; advertising for drugs, beer, or tobacco companies; or “political statements” advocating violation of law
  • any attire deemed by the administration to be unsuitable or disruptive to the educational or cultural climate of the school

Hats and gloves may be worn to school, but not inside the school building.

Shorts, short skirts, skorts, etc., must be no shorter than three (3) inches above the knee.

Boxer shorts may not be worn as outside clothing. Biker shorts may not be worn.

Jeans or pants with holes may be worn only when the holes are not deemed indecent.

All pants should be worn at waist level and not sagging,

All clothing must be sized appropriately. Clothing must be decent, clean, and properly worn at all times. Tattoos that display inappropriate language or images should be covered.

Staff members have the authority to confiscate inappropriate items such as hats or sunglasses worn in the building. These items will be held by the school and the school is not responsible if the items are damaged, stolen, or lost.

Any student found to be in violation of the dress code will be required to report to the office to call someone to bring an appropriate change of clothes and/or to receive disciplinary action.

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Schools that implement a school uniform practice will follow the guidelines set out in administrative rule JICA-R.

Adopted 5/23/11; Revised 4/11/20


Legal References:

S.C. Code of Laws, 1976, as amended:

Section 59-19-90(3) – Authority to regulate student conduct.