The School Improvement Council, or SIC, is a group of parents, community members, staff members, and administrators that meet monthly to discuss ways to improve Hillcrest Middle School.  If you would like to be a part of these discussions please contact Ms. Lauren Cantey at 803-499-3341.

SIC Agenda September 20, 2021

SIC Agenda October 14, 2021

SIC Report To Parents 2020-2021

SIC Bylaws



A. McFadden
A. Timmons
A. Ketchum
B. Graves
C. Ziegler
D. Jones
D. Williams
G. Prosser
G. Hyatt
G. Wilson
L. Cantey
M. Wilkins
N. Crumb
R. Easley
S. Conley
T. Staggers