Creating Teacher Webpages – Teacher webpages on Google Sites are easy to create.  You may log in on the school website using your credentials and create your own class webpages.  Once you log in you will see “my classes” on the left menu panel.  Create a page by clicking “add new,” then you will see a familiar box where you can type in text, add links, pictures, slideshows, and videos and more.

The calendar on your class webpage will house all of your assignments and will be automatically populated after inputting assignments into Google Classroom.  The calendar on the website will be linked to Google Classroom, so that you can input all of your assignments and events into one place and it will automatically update on the website.

In order to get started, sign in at with your SSD credentials.  Create a class in Google classroom.  It will automatically create an assignment calendar in Google Calendars.

To access the calendar from Google Calendars, go to  From there you should see the calendar for the class that you created in Google Classroom under “my calendars” on the left.  Highlight the class calendar and click on the down arrow.  Go to calendar settings and locate “calendar address.”  Click on the HTML button to get the address.  Right click and select “copy link” or highlight the link and click control+C on the keyboard to copy.  Next, log in to the school website and click “my classes.”  Locate the class you created or create a new class.  Scroll down under class settings and locate Google Calendar Link.  Paste the link that you copied from Google Calendars.  Click the update button on the top right.  Once this is done for each class that you create, you will not need to do this again. Assignments and events can then be added directly to Google Classroom or Google Calendars.